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Simplicity is almost a cliché in today’s frantic world. Bombarded with flying banners, animated gifs, flashy intros and cluttered media begging for touch and tag, Raven Talon Studios understands that you need to make an impact quickly, and without fuss.

In the realm of web design, we have gone beyond clean lines and consistency to embrace a friendly user experience, so your customers can find what they need and do what they want to do quickly, efficiently and without distraction. Your target audience will waste less time thinking what to do and more time enjoying themselves on your playground.

As for photography, our photographers have covered quite a lot of the Earth, hiking in China's majestic Yellow Mountains, cruising down the River Nile, hunting down bazaars in Istanbul and so much more. Perspectives come naturally to them, each as beautiful and as unique as a newborn's fingerprints. RTS photographers have also covered events ranging from engagement parties, cocktail receptions and piano recitals to bearfights and lunar parties. Precious moments are recorded and given to you, as and when you feel like it. RTS photographers also love food, who doesn't? Capturing gourmet dishes in their natural glory is what you can expect from RTS. Last but not least is our approach to products. With minimal equipment and space, our photographers can present your products in a more natural light, be they industrial merchandise or works of art.

Taking our experiences in web design and photography, the resulting synergies are applied to poster creation and other marketing materials including invitation letters and CD covers with deft artistry.

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copyrighted imagery taken by cliff lui